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Mushrooms found on the November, 2018 Mushroom Walk

Watson Preserve mushroom walk, November 10, 2018 Watson Preserve mushroom walk, November 10, 2018 Agaricus pocillator Murr. Amanita "amerifulva" Tulloss nom. Prov. Amanita amerirubescens Tulloss, nom. prov. Amanita flavoconia Atkinson Amanita lavendula (Coker) Tulloss, K.W. Hughes, Rodrig. Cayc. & Kudzma Amanita persicina (Dav. T. Jenkins) Tulloss & Geml Amanita vaginata complex 2 speciesArtomyces pyxidatus (Pers.) Jülich Baeospora mysura (Fr.) Singer Calostoma cinnabarina Desv.…


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Mushroom Species List for June 25, 2016

Gulf States Mycological Society mushroom walk

Watson Rare Plant Preserve

June 25, 2016


Abortiporus biennis (Bull.:Fr.) Singer

Amanita bisporigera Atkinson

Boletellus ananus (Curt.) Murr.

Callistosporium luteo-olivaceum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer

Cantharellus species

Cantharellus tabernensis Feibelman & Cibula

Cantharellus tenuithrix Buyck & V.…


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Dr. Jyotsna Sharma, who is an Associate Professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, is leading conservation research projects at Watson Native Plant Preserve since 2012. The focus of her lab’s…

Dr. Jyotsna Sharma, who is an Associate Professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, is leading conservation research projects at Watson Native Plant Preserve since 2012. The focus of her lab’s work is on one of the rare and superbly showy orchids of Texas. Platanthera chapmanii (Chapman’s orchid) is known from only a few locations in southeastern Texas, and Watson Native Plant Preserve hosts the largest population in Texas. Her work has included:

1)   augmenting the…


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We're Losing our Redbay Trees

I have some very bad news.   It  concerns two of our most common but easily-overlooked shrubs/small trees:  the redbay (Persea borbonia) and sassafras (Sassafras albidum).  They don’t directly affect people’s lives, except that sassafras is the source of the flavoring for root beer and gumbo file, and redbay is occasionally used in cooking.  They do play a role in the ecosystems of east Texas, and we may be about to receive an unpleasant lesson in the interconnectedness…


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No Campaign Posters on the Preserve, Please

Without the knowledge or consent of the Board of Directors of Watson Preserve, someone put some campaign posters for one of the presidential candidates on trees on Watson Preserve.

We are a 501c3 tax-exempt corporation, and therefore do not support specific candidates for office. Any political material that we find on the preserve will be removed. So please, save yourself some time and energy, and post such materials somewhere else. Please don't take it personally, but a…


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Species List for Mushroom Walk June 27, 2015

Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve

Mushroom Walk

June 27, 2015


Species List


Agaricus silvaticus Schaeff

Amanita bisporigera Atkinson

Amanita flavoconia Atkinson

Amanita peckiana complex

Amanita vaginata complex

Boletus oliveisporus (Murr) Murr

Cantarellus tabernensis Feibelman & Cibula

Coltricia cinnamomea (Jacq.:Pers.)…


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facebook page!

Hello everyone! Please visit The Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve facebook page and join the group! It's an open forum so please post pictures, comments, questions, or educational links to the page! We will try and keep it as updated as possible with walks and workdays that are coming up so that you will be notified through facebook. Spread the word as this is a great way to get people involved and exploring new areas!  Thanks!…


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Species List for Mushroom Walk Held June 28, 2014


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Summer 2013

I can't believe the summer of 2013 is history.  It was an eventful summer.  In addition to events mentioned earlier, a youth group from Triumphant Lutheran Church in San Antonio under the supervision of Youth Pastor Chris St. Clair came out on July 26 and spent several hours helping us out.  We are very grateful to them for their assistance.  We are also very grateful to the staff of the National Park Service for putting them in touch with us.

Joe Liggio again led a wildflower walk to…


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Species List from David Lewis from June Mushroom Walk


GSMS species list, Watson Rare Plant Preserve, Lake Hyatt, TX

Mushroom walk, June 1, 2013

Amanita bisporigera…


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Mushroom Hunt

Twenty-something people gathered at Watson Preserve on June 1 to brave the heat and search for mushrooms.  All levels of skill were represented, from beginners to experienced mycologists.  David and Pat Lewis did a great job of leading the activities.  We hope they will do it again  There is no better way to learn more about fungi than to go into the field with an expert.  I have posted a few photos and will try to add a few more as I get time.  If David gives me a list of species found, I…


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May, 2013

Our thanks to DeAndra Ramsey from the Houston Zoo for bringing a group of  college students to Watson Preserve on May 23.  Eleven young people pitched in and helped us for about 3 1/2 hours that Thursday.  They demolished and removed the old privy; they loaded up a pine tree that had earlier been cut down (it leaned over the cabin) and hauled it off site; they cut down and removed a number of Chinese tallow trees.  We were really amazed at what they got done in such a short time.  It is…


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April 27 Wildflower Tour

We had a wonderful turnout for our wildflower walk on April 27.  Our thanks to Joe Liggio who led the tour, and to Jim Willis, who had cold water waiting at the end of our hike.

We are always glad to see old friends, of course, but we were especially pleased that there were several people visiting for the first time.  We hope they'll return many times.

The only disappointment was the paucity of orchids.  There were a few rose pogonias (very few), one grass-pink orchid about to…


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A Word about the Iris

Before I get a call from someone telling me that there has been a terrible act of vandalism and some of the yellow irises have been removed from the pond near the cabin, let me explain.

The yellow flags are Iris pseudacorus, an exotic species from Eurasia and northern Africa.  In addition to being non-natives, they are terribly aggressive.  Those of you who have been visiting the preserve for several years may have noticed that the original clump has grown huge, and they have…


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Bird Walk on April 13

We want to thank volunteers Bill and Mary Keller and Kathleen and Lisa Appelbaum for leading the birding tour on Saturday, April 13.  They enjoyed very nice weather and identified 29 species of birds, including a great crested flycatcher, a summer tanager, a catbird, a yellow-throated vireo, kingbirds, wood ducks (with babies!) and our resident redheaded wookpeckers.

Pauline Singleton

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March Visit

Thanks for a wonderful tour, Pauline. What a treat this was! Thanks for sharing knowledge and enthusiasm. We will certainly be back. 

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Wildflower Walk in the Rain September 29

The weatherman predicted an 80% chance of rain.  So we canceled our wildflower walk, right?  Wrong!  It was a small group this time, and that is really understandable.  It rained on me the whole way as I drove to the preserve.  Light rain continued off and on all day.

We simply carried umbrellas and pressed on.  What was blooming?  Goldenrod of several species, swamp sunflowers (they will probably put on a more dramatic show in a few more days), cowbane (Oxypolis sp.), Lobilia,…


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Watson Preserve is on Shutterfly

I've created a web site(s) called “A place apart - Watson Rare Native Plants Preserve” to share pictures of this very special place. I'd like you to be a member of the site. Come check it out at

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Watson Preserve photos on flickr


I put all the Watson Preserves photos I have taken into one set in my flickr.  Here is the URL.  I don't know where it would work best to place it.  You decide.  I am adding it here:

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Orchid Walk July 28, 2012

We had a wonderful group turn out for the orchid walk on July 28.  About three dozen people, from Dallas-Ft Worth area to Louisiana to Houston, braved the southeast Texas heat and humidity to search for the rare Chapman’s orchid, Platanthera chapmanii. We were not disappointed.


Our thanks and our sympathy go to Joe Liggio, who led the walk that day.  A few days earlier, Joe’s mother passed away.  We certainly would have understood if he had canceled.  However, he…


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Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve is a 501c3 charitable corporation, and donations, while never a requirement for a visit, are always welcome and are tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a donation to support the preserve, and would like for your donation to be tax deductible, pay by check, with the check made out to Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve, and send to Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve, PO Box 533, Warren, TX 77664.

If you wish to confirm our status with the IRS, our EIN is 80-0316

Events & Links

Board of Directors Meetings:

May 4, 2019. The Board will meet at approximately 1:00 pm, at the preserve or nearby depending on weather.



Birding Walk:  1st Saturday of every month, from 9:00 to ??.  Leader:  Kathleen Appelbaum.

Wildflower Walk: Saturday April 13, 2019  Starts at 9:30 am.  Leader: Joe Liggio.  All interested people are welcome to attend. CANCELLED due to rain.

Wildflower Walk: Saturday, May 4, 2019, 9:30 am. Leader:  Joe Liggio. Everyone is welcome.

Wildflower Walk: Saturday, June 8, 2019, 9:30 am. Leader: Joe Liggio. 

Mushroom  Walk. June 22, 2019.  Starts at 10:00 am.  Leaders: David and Patricia Lewis.  Any interested person is welcome.  Good opportunity to learn more about mushrooms.

Wildflower Walk:  Saturday August 3, 2019.  Leader:  Joe Liggio.  Chapman's orchids should be blooming at that time.

Watch this space in the 48 hours preceding the event. If anything should happen (such as illness, or a hurricane, God forbid) to cause cancellation, we will notify you HERE. 

For more information about events, call 281-421-2469 or email


Big Thicket Association

Big Thicket National Preserve

Butterfly Enthusiasts of East Texas

Native Plant Society of Texas

Gulf States Mycological Society, Inc.

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