Highlights of Minutes January 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve

January 8, 2021

Highlights of Minutes


Present: Pauline Singleton, Chris Eldredge, Jim Willis, Joe Liggio, Linda Knowles, Kathleen Appelbaum, Charles Smith, Wanda Smith, and Mike Howlett

 Chris Eldredge suggested that we put the minutes, or at least the most important parts of minutes, on the watsonpreserve.ning.com site. This was approved.

 Jim Willis reported that all preparations have been made for the annual burn, which will be carried out January 9 if the weather continues to hold. Arrangements have been made to have the Warren Volunteer Fire Department there. We will have 2 certified burners and 2 observers, and Mike Howlett will be the burn boss. Our 2 drip torches are working, but are getting old and worn. It is about as costly to repair them as to replace them, so Jim suggests that we look into the purchase of 2 new ones. He and Mike will investigate our options.

 There have been no more trespassers on ATVs recently. The aggressive dogs next-door have been contained lately.

 We have a new security system installed and functioning.

 Geraldine’s cabin continues to need work. We continue to use a dehumidifier to help control dampness.

 All agreed that it is premature to schedule guided walks—we need to wait until the COVID-19 situation is under control.

 We continue to have visitors. It’s hard to say how many, since people tend to ignore the sign-in book.

 The Board again discussed the fact that our domain name, watsonpreserve.org, is dormant. Mike Howlett volunteered to help figure out what we need to do to have a web site again, as we don’t know how long the “ning” website will be affordable.

 Next meeting will be February 6, 2021.



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